Separation can be one of the most stressful experiences you can have in your lifetime. Whether you have a dispute about children or property or both; I have been able to assist the majority of my clients in settling their matters without any court intervention. If you do need to go to court, I will fight hard for your rights.

My objective is to minimise hostility and financial burden by helping you reach an amicable and acceptable agreement with your former partner as quickly as possible. This is particularly important when there are children involved.

If you understand your rights and obligations, this can help you to negotiate a settlement, in most cases. You will avoid the stress and cost of protracted and expensive court proceedings.

I am on the Family Law Legal Aid panel of solicitors. If you are eligible for legal aid, I can assist you with obtaining a grant. If you are in receipt of Centrelink benefits and have minimal assets, you are likely to be eligible for Legal Aid.


In addition to having an up to date Will that is drafted so that your money and assets are inherited by the people that you want to receive them, you also need to ensure that you have documents drafted that will help your family and friends make decisions for you, if you’re not able to do so yourself. The main advance care planning documents in addition to your Will are:

• A Power of Attorney appointed which is a legal authority that allows another person (your attorney) to make financial and legal decisions for you, if you’re not able to make them yourself. An “Enduring” power of attorney means that if you lose the capacity to make decisions, your power of attorney still operates.

• Appointment of enduring guardian gives another person (the guardian) the ability to make medical and lifestyle decisions on your behalf.

• Advance health care directive sets out your wishes for your future medical care. It is sometimes called a living will. It provides guidance to your family and friends about your specific wishes for your future medical care.

• Superannuation death benefit nomination is an instruction to your superannuation fund who you want to receive your death benefit. These nominations must be updated every three years.


Having a background in nursing assists me in understanding how an injury impacts on your life and your family’s life. I have a personal and compassionate approach to be able to assist you with your Workers compensation Claims, Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Medical Negligence and Public Liability Claims.

I have the experience to fight for your rights, so you receive the best results. I conduct most compensation and insurance claims on a no win no fee basis. *You may have to pay for disbursements such as medical reports.

If you cannot work for a medical reason, you may be entitled to make a superannuation claim. I will ensure you receive your entitlements.

I can provide free independent legal advice to injured workers, where there is a disagreement with the insurer regarding your entitlements.

I am an Approved Legal Services Provider for the WorkCover Independent Review Office (WIRO). This means that if you have a disagreement with an insurer about your Worker’s Compensation claim, and if you have a reasonably arguable case for you to succeed, I can apply for a Grant to cover your legal costs and disbursements so that I can then assist you to make sure you receive your proper entitlements.


If you have been unfairly left out of a Will, and you wish to contest the Will, you should contact me quickly as time limits apply.

If you are the executor under a Will and you require assistance with applying for a Grant of Probate, or if an Application for Letters of Administration is required where there is no Will, I can assist you with a fast, effective and personal service. You will be charged a set fee. There will not be any hidden extras. I can also assist you with writing your Will.

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